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There are currently two ICT PSP methodologies:

Both methodologies are based on the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). They are both developed from the experience of current and historic ICT PSP projects which includes approximately 10,000 social dwellings and 30 public buildings (e.g. hospitals, schools).

The Residential Methodology is applicable only to dwellings and generally assumes a monthly measurement period. The document introduces the IMPVP and discusses the four IPMVP Options and the use of basic statistical analysis. Measurement periods are suggested for different types of project and the evaluation of social and behavioural changes is considered. The document proposes a consumption analysis matrix and also discusses survey questionnaires.

The Non-Residential Methodology is closely aligned to the eeMeasure software running on this website. It can be used for any property type (including residential) and can be used with any data frequency. The methodology is based on the IPMVP and ICT PSP project types are defined which relate to the IPMVP Options. A process flow is defined which directs projects to monitor appropriate variables and to create an accurate model. A description of the underlying mathmatical statistics is also included.